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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  April 14, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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change at the top. an faa executive, stepping down. >> after another embarrassing instance of an air traffic controller, falling asleep in the tower. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> another unmanned tower. and today, the man who oversees the air traffic system is stepping down. sandra hughes has the latest from burbank airport in california. >> reporter: the count country's air traffic is getting a review. a controller fell asleep in the tower wednesday and did not answer an airplane's urgent
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request to land an airplane. at least three others have been caught snoozing on the job. >> i want the public to know that we're not sitting around making excuses. we've stepped up, we've added more staff. and i believe, personally, that this is an outrageous situation that will not stand on my watch. >> reporter: the faa is now increasing staffing in 27 airport towers. >> reporter: the burbank airport in california is one of the 27 airports that will add an air traffic controller overnight to make sure there are always two people in the tower. >> well, i think it's a tough job, and backup sounds like a good idea. >> i think the person that was falling asleep should be fired and they should get somebody who doesn't fall asleep. >> reporter: the burbank airport does not allow commercial flights flights to land between 10:00 at night and 7:00 in the morning. but one is allowed. they say extra tower operators
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could be better used at bigger, busier airports. sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> the faa chief and the president of the air traffic controllers' union plan to visit airports across the country to go over system updates. >> another dangerous job, a window washer in towson falls and hangs precariously by a safety harness, 100 feet above the ground. wjz is live at the scene of the rescue. mike schuh has details. >> reporter: well, kai, something went terribly wrong. and when the window washer tried to slow and stop his descent, he grabbed onto the ropes, burning the palms of his hands. but he did stop. [ no audio ] >> reporter: so what i can tell you is that he was 12 stories
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above the ground. they sent some of the most highly-trained firefighters they have, up there to go and try to rescue him. they had firefighters rappel down from the roof. and they had others. and then they sent an aerial basket up to get the man. they lowered him into a basket, which was nearly at the full extension of its reach. once they had that happen, they discontinued the ropes. and he was brought down in one of those aerial baskets. other than the burns, he was not hurt. but they did take him to shock trauma as a precaution, in case he was in some sort of shock. i did talk to a friend of his who was a coworker. and that man told me that basically he was okay. and something happened and he got stuck. we'll have more on this coming up at 5:00. back to you, kai. >> mike schuh, reporting live. mike, thank you. you'll also hear from a coworker of that window washer.
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>> a major break of a man behind bars murdering a copin student. >> reporter: police say 20-year- old siren dulla was a classmate of blackwell and they reportedly argued over video games. blackwell was found stabbed inside her home. the video games sold to a local pawn shop helped police track abdullah down. officers wrote abdullah admits to stabbing blackwell. police say he was not blackwell's boyfriend. >> in 2008, abdullah was charged with raping a 13-year- old girl in his neighborhood. the case never went to trial. controversy through every step. and this morning, the westboro baptist church target someday anne arundel county students. >> reporter: the high school and middle school are on fort meade property, which kept
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westboro church demonstrators well away. it also kept those outraged by the kansas church plenty of room. >> the dawn didn't come up but it sounded like it. members. american legion riders tried to drown out the message of the westboro baptist church. >> god hates america. america is doomed. >> reporter: only a handful of the kansas group showed up, while hundreds of counterprotestors turned out. the counterprotests came in response to the church targeting students at fort meade middle and high schools. an extension that they believe god is punishing troops. >> these children have been lied to all their lives. when he said sodomy is abomination, they have been caught that is a lie. >> on the other side of the
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street, that argument was shouted down. >> i just think that it's outrageous that they're doing is this. -- doing this. they know it's just for attention. they know that they're not going to change anything. >> reporter: police and the school district had about two weeks' warning about the protest. that did alter some bus roots this morning. but school did start on time. back to you on tv hill. there were no arrests during the protest, which westboro church members scheduled as a stop after an earlier appearance in virginia. two men are in jail. a shootout in dundalk. this is where police eventually caught up to the suspects. the shots were fired around 8:00 last night near dundalk high school. officers chased the suspect's black camaro into the county and through the city. the officer's victims are all expected to survive. it's unclear what sparked that violence. well, the rain is gone. and there's hardly a cloud in the sky. today is by far the nicest day
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we've had this week. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob turk is here with more on today's warmup. bob? >> it was really beautiful. although i think monday, when we got to 85 was pretty nice, too. today, 71. the ideal temperature. yeah, there's not a cloud in the sky. but when you open up a long way out to the westminster shower and thundershower activity, some of that rain is going to be in here by saturday. so we take a look at this graphic. tomorrow, we eke out a nice day. it will be pleasant. it will be cooler because of a front coming through the area late tonight. bring a few showers. showers stay west of us until saturday. so the start of your weekend. well, tomorrow, will be fine. saturday does not look nice. mary? >> bob, thank you. well, let's check in on our roads now. here's courtney. >> happy friday eve, everyone. let's get right to traffic. i have a lot to let you know about. a disabled vehicle on the front to francis scott key bridge. we're going to hop over to a
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road closure in timonium area. a two-alarm building fire. you can use dulaney valley road as an alternate. accidentwise, you're going to run into one in the city. and one on east jeffrey street at fourth street. and in the catonville area, there's an accident at edmondson avenue. at melvin avenue. congestionwise, on the loop, expect delays from the north side inner loop. be prepared to tap your brakes from park heights avenue to perring parkway. let's take a live look outside. volume is starting to build a little there. but overall, things are looking pretty good. traffic is looking picture perfect. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit for a free consultation. back to you. an essex teenager is a hero today, after saving the lives
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of his 15-year-old brother and grandson. he woke up and caught his 10- year-old brother when his brother jumped out the second floor window. his grandparents are hospitalized but they are expected to be okay. hear from the family and find out how you can help them coming up all new at 5:00 and 6:00. still ahead at 4:00. >> poke his eyes out. slam his head on the ground! >> boys being boys? or child abuse. hear the unusual story surrounding the fighting in this home video. concussions happen on the football field all the time. but towson university is trying to figure out why some athletes get them more than others. so what have they found? i'm andrea fujii. that story is just ahead on wjz eyewitness news. the second time this week, a restaurant serves a child alcohol instead of juice. hear from the boy's mother about the sangria mix-up.
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the days just don't come much better than this when warm, sunny blue skies, how long will it last? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a florida father is facing charges after he's caught on video, encouraging his son to fight. >> get -- punch his eyes out. slam his head on the ground. >> sad video here, which shows a fivi lent -- violent fight between phillip strothers' son and another 16-year-old. police say strothers makes no attempt to break up the fight. he's charged with child abuse. less than a month from graduation, a yale university student dies in a tragic accident, inside a chemistry lab. michelle dufalt's hair got caught in a fast-spinning piece of equipment.
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her body was found by other students working in the building. the cause of death was determined to be accidental asphyxiation. they are consequences of nearly every sport. but in this healthwatch report, an dra fujii -- andrea fujii explains, some athletes may be more likely to suffer a concussion. >> reporter: concussions are inevitable in football. >> you feel like a little lightheaded at first. then you kind of regain your senses. >> reporter: that's why doctors are conducting a concussion study. the first of its kind and whether some people who are missing a certain genotype are more prone to the injury. >> it may possibly predispose you to an event because it doesn't allow you to heal your brain as well. >> they gathered more than 200 athletes from more than three universities, including towson,
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and studied which athletes suffered concussions. of them, they found about eight athletes, or 5%, may be genetically prone to concussions. but paul stephonic says it may not matter. >> most football players are not going to say that i have a concussion. they don't want to come out of the game. >> even though it can be detrimental to long-term health. >> loss of memory, education, even early death. >> that's the risk you take, playing the game. >> reporter: risks that scientists may now know more about. with the data comes the moral question. should athletes be genetically tested? the doctors say that's something for someone else to decide. i'm andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> those players will continue to be studied for another year. the study will then expand to high school students. a budget bill is making its way to congress in the news to help the dow turn things around today.
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the dow was down more than 100 points at one moment today. but it ended up closing with a gain ever 14 points. the s&p grew a fraction. the nasdaq lost a point. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. ford is expanding a recall of its f150 pickups. under pressure from government safety regulators. the recall now includes more than 1.2 trillion trucks. an electrical short can cause the air bags to deploy unexpectedly. some lawmakers say goldman sachs helped set off the 2008 financial crisis. the head of a senate panel investigating the crisis says there is new evidence that shows goldman sachs steered investors toward mortgage securities it knew would likely fail. the panel is also raising doubts about accuracy. including ceo lloyd blankfine. a spokesman said the testimony
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was truthful and accurate. new claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly rose in the last week. it's the first increase in three weeks. but analysts believe the job market is steadily improving. toyota has reported a 71% drop in profit. it saw weakness in games, puzzles and products. hasbro, toys from thor, captain america, and the latest transformers movie hits store shelves soon. that's your money watch. for more, stay with in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. the speed dog tour boat are unveiling a new member of their clan. they have twin-equipped turbo charged engines, will open to the public tomorrow. they will join the current boat, sea dog 3. and provide high-speed, sightseeing tours of baltimore. tickets can be purchased at any sea dog kiosk at the inner harbor. i went on one last year.
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spectacular. >> yeah. if it could always be like today, beautiful. >> nobody is complaining. beautiful today. it wasn't quite as beautiful back on tuesday morning. you might remember, after we had that really warm day, we had thunderstorm activity. well, there actually was a small, very small quick-moving tornado, down by the sherwood
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manor, patuxent preserve neighborhoods around crofton and western portions of aa county. 50 yards wide. 1.3 miles long. the wind estimated at 60 miles an hour. there's tree damage in that neighborhood. but luckily, no other damage. look here. look at these temperatures. 71 degrees. just ideal. 67 in elkton. cooler by the water. and in oakland, it's 62. dew point is 35. extremely comfortable. what a beautiful day. this sun, by the way, is the same sun we have the third week of august. yes, the same sun. 70 in bel air. just delightful weather. right now, the winds are a little more nort and northwest. and we'll shift again to the northeast and eventually to the southeast. and that's going to bring in clouds. but not until late tomorrow night. for the time being, beautiful weather around here. weak front, you can't even see it. it will pass through the area. and our winds go back to the negotiate eventually. and we'll start cooling things
4:23 pm
down. but 12 degrees cooler than today. tomorrow night, system out to the west will begin to approach our region. the frontal system goes through. warm air, overriding the cool air. winds off the ocean. and you know what that means, the ocean is like 47 degrees. the cooler, damp air. we have stuff building with the front to the south. and a front out to the west. we're looking for rain most of the day on saturday. ending late saturday night. with this front going through. maybe even a thunderstorm thrown in for good measure. east winds on the bay, around 10 to 15 knots. they'll start changing the character of the weather. most of the day tomorrow, they'll be just fine. 51 is your bay temp. sunrise, 6:31. sets at 7:44. tonight, beautiful night. comfortable, clear. 45 degrees. a few clouds coming in overnight with the front going through. but you won't even notice it. tomorrow, it will be cooler. but all in all, very nice day. tomorrow's high, a little below normal at 61 degrees. then the rain on tap for saturday. it should clear out.
4:24 pm
because it's a quick mover, sunday should be just fine and warmer as well. so 50-50 weekend headed our way. >> don't miss tonight's prierm -- primetime cbs lineup. it's the mentalist, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. guess the birds against the indians in cleveland. you can see both saturday and sunday's afternoon games live at 1:00 here on wjz 13. lots more ahead on wjz at 4:30. the motive behind the murder- suicide. why a new york mother may have driven her car into the hudson river. >> it happened in a split second. a man crashes into a canal. and it's too dangerous for rescuers. how they managed to get him out. inside the mind. a serial killer. police release their profile of the suspect. and the ongoing crisis in libya. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:28. 71 degrees and sunny. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. more leaders gathered in berlin and cairo today to discuss the ongoing crisis in libya. they're seeking an end to the violence. but rebels claim government attacks are only intensifying. charlie d'agata reports for wjz with more on the push for peace. moammar gadhafi rode in an open car through the streets in tripoli. they said the trip took place thursday, during a nato air attack. to the east in misrata, libyan rebels say this is the damage left behind, after government forces shelled the port city. they say a rocket attack killed 23 civilians, mostly women and children. residents worry an even bigger massacre will follow, if nato does not step up attacks on
4:29 pm
gadhafi's forces. britain and france are calling on nato to do just that. but not all numbers -- members are making the same push. secretary of state hillary clinton is urging nato to stay united. >> we are also sharing the same goal, which is to see the end of the gadhafi regime in libya. >> reporter: nato foreign ministers are meeting in berlin to discuss libya and other issues. the alliance says its top priority is avoiding civilian casualties. >> this is in stark contrast to pro-gadhafi forces whom we have seen attack civilians repeatedly. >> reporter: the crisis in libya is also on the agenda at a conference in cairo. united nations' secretary general says gadhafi has lost all legitimacy after killing his own people. >> this is a violation of human rights and international humanitarian law. >> reporter: neighboring countries are calling for an immediate cease-fire so aid groups can deliver food and water to the people who need it
4:30 pm
most. charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: the libyan government claims that nato air strikes have killed dozens of innocent civilians. in japan, the nation's emperor makes his first hit. the emperor and empress visited the area where it was. they allowed crews to start looking for bodies. more than 26,000 people are feared dead. half of those bodies have not yet been recovered. >> reporter: investigators learned more about what could have driven a new york mother to intentionally crash her minivan into the hudson river, with her four children strapped into the back seat. kai is live with what relatives are saying. >> police are saying that lashanda armstrong was distraught after learning that the children's father was cheating on her. the 24-year-old drowned tuesday night, along with three of her four children. they were just 11 months, 2 and
4:31 pm
5 years old. armstrong's 10-year-old son was able to escape through a window and swim to safety. according to the new york times, the mother told her children they were all going to die together. >> the surviving child is now saying with -- staying with relatives. police are searching for serial killer seth doan as the number of possible witnesses grows. the fbi is building a profile of the suspect. >> reporter: as dense fog blanketed the crime scene, five police drivers -- divers went underwater, searching for more bodies, in this unsolved mystery. the fbi will go airborne, with high-tech imaging aircraft to search for more skeletal remains, where as many as 10 sets have already been found. police say they have not necessarily linked these grisly discoveries. suffolk county police stress stressed this could be a long-
4:32 pm
term investigation and acknowledged what cbs news had learned that there may be more than just one killer. >> well, we're certainly looking at that. we have an open mind on this investigation. >> reporter: and now, a profile of the suspected serial killer is emerging. authorities tell cbs news, he's likely white, between 25 and 40. is intelligent and street smart. as the investigation drags on, and the body count rises, it's beginning to take a toll. but resident beverly cold says this community knows how to weather a storm. >> i keep a cell phone in one pocket. >> yeah. >> and a camera in the other. and when i have to take a shotgun, i'm out of here. >> reporter: police stumbled on the first bodies while searching for shannon gilbert, an escort who advertised on craigslist. she disappeared more than a year ago and has never been found. gregg bernstein is headed back into the courtroom.
4:33 pm
he is prosecuting his first case since taking office in january. he will prosecute a case. in one case, a teen was abandoned with no money or cell phone. mary bubala has more on what happened. and how the mother and restaurant are reacting. >> reporter: well, vic, had time, it -- this time it happened at an olive garden in florida. the woman said she ordered juice for her 2-year-old son but was given sangria. the kitchen noticed the problem and took the drink back. the woman appeared on the early show today to talk about the ordeal. >> no explanation ever. you know, an apology, which, you know, you're endangering my child. you're poisoning him with substances that he's not --
4:34 pm
that aren't appropriate for him. and the only thing i get is, we're sorry. >> reporter: the olive garden released a statement, apologizing for the statement, which it claims was the result of an employee's failure to follow company policy when serving alcohol. earlier this week, a similar incident happened at an appleby's in detroit. in that case, the 15-month-old was actually served tequila instead of apple joyce. -- juice. the battle with cancer for michael douglas may have taken a toll on katherine zeta-jones. it's been reported that she received treatment for bipolar disorder, a condition made worse by stress. >> katherine zeta-jones seems to have it all, beauty, wealth, and a solid marriage to actor
4:35 pm
michael douglas. but none of that could have protected her from a stressful year. it has been a stressful year. in august, her husband, michael douglas, was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer. >> i'm doing everything i can. >> with zeta-jones by his side, he battled back from the debilitating disease and is now tumor-free. last april, her 31-year-old stepson, cameron douglas, was sentenced to five year. >> prison on drug charges, despite her begging the court for len yeensy. -- leniency. and michael douglas's ex-wife is suing them. >> she had made many references to feeling low, having to rebound. this is going to hit me in a few months. again, innocuous enough at the time, but when you look at it now, very telling. >> reporter: prompting this statement from her publicist. "after dealing with the stress of the past year, katherine
4:36 pm
made the decision to check into a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her bipolar 2 disorder ." bill whittaker, cbs news, los angeles. >> bipolar 2 disorder, also known as manic depression, affects 2 to 3% of the u.s. population. open the windows. it is clear, warm is sunny. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here now with the updated numbers. >> if you have allergies. there is a lot of pollen out there today. unfortunately, we have tree pollen going on out there. and there is mold from the rain. that could be a problem. but the weather otherwise. take a look around here. nothing whatsoever. we'll have to go way out to the midwest. next system is beginning to take shape. rain that will be affecting us on saturday. but tomorrow, looks like another nice day. now, we'll have a cooler trend coming in. the winds are going to shift more to the north/northeast. and these showers stay well to
4:37 pm
the west until saturday. right now, saturday will be one of those cool, damp rainy days. once again, just like we've seen this week. let's check on the roads now with courtney ward, at wjz traffic control. hello, courtne. good afternoon, everyone. we are seeing delays on the roadways. because as you know, it is rush hour. but nothing too terribly bad going on. we have a short delay, as it travels from hawkins point road. a side note that disabled vehicle on the bridge earlier has been cleared. now, heading over to the top side inner loop, a little congestion, about 16 minutes worth as you travel from park heights avenue to park. now, regarding accidents this afternoon, on the north side of the outer loop, there is one on the left shoulder, as you approach dulaney valley road. and in harford county, there's an accident in the abingdon avenue. now, we're going to step outside for a live look at ellicott city area, at u.s. 29. traffic is starting to build a little there. but cars still seeming to move along without any type of
4:38 pm
issues. towson we'll look at this. traffic definitely building there. cars probably not moving as long -- along as quickly as they would like to. and this is brought to you by the totem. tickets are on sale now at cirque du back to you. ford motor company is expanding a recall of its f-150 pickup trucks to include nearly 2 million trucks because of an air bag defect. it covers models from the 2004 to 2006 years. the company agreed to recall more than 150,000 today. but today, they added to the recall, sighting the trucks' air bags, which can go off unexpectedly and injure drivers. the incident is caught on home video. what the man says could send him to jail. fleeing the flames. fire sweeps through an apartment building in paris. and not everyone makes it out
4:39 pm
alive. and what a treat. the weather is nothing short of fabulous. how long will the sun stick around? bob's forecast is coming up. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip.
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the sour creamier sour cream your other food loves.
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a small plane goes into the water in st. petersburg, florida. a 19-year-old flight student was practicing takeoffs and landings at the time of the accident. he was able to get out of the plane on his own, without any injuries. and two men are dead after falling from a radio tower in indiana. the contract workers were assembling the tower when they fell. 340 feet to their death. the men were wearing safety harnesses when they fell. but there was some sort of malfunction. no others were injured. the incident is still under investigation. a deadly fire near a tourist attraction leaves 50 more people in the hospital.
4:43 pm
police say five people died and 50 were injured when flames tore through an apartment building overnight. police say the fire killed four people when they jumped from the building, trying to escape the flames. rescue workers found another person inside a burned unit. one of the 50 people, including six children, were injured. police say the fire spread through the rest of the building. the cause is still under investigation. and a dramatic rescue in california, after a 93-year-old man drives his car into a canal. he has the story for wjz. >> reporter: the loom look -- look on this man's face says it all. 93 years old and clinging to life through the sunroof of his car. >> the car was in the canal, going backwards, down the canal. almost submerged. >> reporter: the elderly man, john collins, was driving west on truckton avenue, when for some reason, he veered through a fence and to the east.
4:44 pm
>> the car was floating. >> witnesses stood by helpless. there was nothing they could do to stop the car, until -- >> he popped the trunk. and that's what kept the car from going further. it grabbed that tether there. >> reporter: the open trunk ended up catching on some table. that's when collins hopped out of the sunroof. >> he was obviously very afraid. but one step closer to safety. >> we got a life vest to him as quickly as possible. got some ropes, downstream lines. >> reporter: that's when firefighters knew they had another hurdle. >> it would have been a very difficult rescue to go in and get them. >> these were experts in water rescue looking at it, and it wasn't safe for us to put somebody in. >> reporter: rushing water and the man's age made pulling him out very risky. so rescuers came in from the air. using a helicopter to save collins. >> this is a very, very, very successful rescue. >> reporter: once in the
4:45 pm
ambulance, witnesses and rescuers collectively breathed a sigh of relief. >> maybe seeing somebody lose their life or seeing somebody get saved. it's a mixed bag of feelings. it really is. >> witnesses say they tried to crawl down into the canal but it was too steep. collins is well-known in the town, he is the retired president of bakersfield college. a man is lucky to be alive, after a large wind gust caused a large metal structure to bounce over him. winds up to 31 miles per hour lifted the 2,000-pound structure from the ground and sent it flying toward him. amazingly, the man suffered only minor injuries. a west hollywood driver is caught on tape, trying to talk his way out of responsibility for a traffic accident. but what he said on that tape could have him going to jail. >> reporter: when brian hamilton heard the crash outside his front door, he grabbed his brand-new camera and went to investigate.
4:46 pm
this is what he found. >> can i just give you cash, bro? i'll give you $6,000 cash right now. i really don't want -- i don't want to go to jail, bro, i'm drunk. >> reporter: the driver who had just crashed into the stopped car, pleading that sheriff's deputies not be called. and he was very explicit why. >> i don't want to go to jail, bro. i'm drunk. >> reporter: hamilton said the driver kept negotiating, even offering the other driver money to forget all that happened at the intersection of laurel and fountain. >> hold on, dude. >> can i move the car, bro? >> we can't move this car, man. this has to stay like this. >> okay. >> we can't move this. >> okay. can you give me two seconds? >> huh? >> keep it right there. >> reporter: the driver of the car then went into this building behind me. shortly after, a woman behind me came to remove items out of the trunk. the driver was never seen again. the car was eventually towed away and pictures taken. >> reporter: hamilton, who has
4:47 pm
lived on this street for more than 20 years says he has no regrets for coming forward with this video. he said he's witnessed too many crashes just like this one. >> i've often wished i could change the outcome. in this case, maybe i changed the outcome. i don't know. i think that we're all eyewitnesses. with these little cameras that we have. it is important for me to remember that i actually have it. because i don't often think that i have something that could preserve a moment. >> and police are still looking for the driver. well, the hearing is set for the husband and wife accused of performing a back room surgery on a woman in las vegas. a judge denied the couple bail during their first court appearance today. they are facing murder charges for performing an unlicensed buttocks enhancement surgery for the woman who died. the hearing will begin in may. bad news for the woman who straightened her hair with a brazilian blowout. they are issuing an alert to
4:48 pm
anyone issuing a brazilian blowout. some contain high levels of formaldehyde. several hair stylists and customers reported experiencing allergic reactions to the products, including nose bleeds and eye irritation. more hollywood celebrities are going under the knife and they're doing it in front of the camera. mark steines has more from hollywood. coming up tonight. the new beverly hills plastic surgery show. we're calling it our guilty pleasure. >> this is going to hurt you a whole lot more. >> heerdz -- here's a look at your show. pretty hurts. >> my specialty is injectables. >> oh. >> filters, freezers. keep my clients looking young. >> reporter: it is the ugly truth of being beautiful in hollywood. >> you are either a-list or no list. >> so what brings you in to see
4:49 pm
me? >> look at this. i'm called the gay sharpei. >> it's like a joke or crazy. >> we won't look at you like you're crazy. [ laughter ] >> every day is a new adventure for me because i never know who is going to walk through the door. >> hi. >> take a look at this new show, when pretty hurts airs may 9th. >> pretty hurts. >> pretty amazing. also tonight, brad and angelina on a date night. plus, katherine zeta-jones, battling bipolar disorder. what is it? and how is it treated? we'll have more coming up. >> and you can see more tonight coming up on wjz 13. well, it was the latest addition to the royal family. twins were baptized in a church in copenhagen today. their names have been a close-
4:50 pm
kept secret. the twins are fourth and fifth in line to the throne. >> i guess moments would count in that instant. the first twin versus the second one. >> who gets to sit on the throne if they get there. well, not a cloud in the sky on a beautiful spring day. >> bob turk has the updated forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio.
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boy, another beautiful day outside right now. not a cloud outside of in the sky, bob. >> gorgeous. >> definitely a beautiful day today. tuesday, thunderstorm activity. actually, the weather service did investigate and found a very small, f-0 tornado was reported in the neighborhood. it was a path of 50 yards wide, about 1.3 miles long. the winds estimated at 60 miles an hour. on the ground for about a minute, with minor tree damage. no structural damage. remember, this is tornado season. take a look at temperatures.
4:54 pm
nothing violent around here today. 71. dew points, 35. 26% humidity. west/northwest winds at 9. barometer holding steady. just a delightful day. a little cooler by the water. 68 in elkton. 64 in oakland. around the metro area, temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. coolest spots by the water. annapolis and kent island, down to 62 degrees. right now, winds are beginning to turn a little bit. but tomorrow, they can go back to the north/northeast. actually, they're southeast. what that's going to do this time of year is bring in clouds late in the day. tomorrow night, clouds, with a front going through the region tomorrow night. you won't even notice, except for the fact that our winds will shift. and temperatures tomorrow, will run about 10 degrees cooler than today. we have to watch out from the west. and precip out here. moisture coming from the gulf of mexico. low pressure once again between the heat and summer-type heat down here. and chilly air to the north.
4:55 pm
we'll start seeing some clouds. and sun and late tomorrow night, as the winds go back to the east, what that means is, shrouds and yes, on saturday, look for cooler temps, probably in the 50s. with rain developing. could be thunderstorms as well going through by late saturday. it's a quick mover. sunday could recover. sunshine and a little warmer sunday. east winds on the bay, eventually, 10 to fan knots. -- 15 knots. and the bay temp, around 51 degrees. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. in the low to mid-40s. maybe 48 or so downtown. tomorrow, sun and clouds. temperatures tomorrow. 10 degrees cooler than right now. but still a nice day. temperatures tomorrow around 61. which is about 3 degrees below average. and once again, tomorrow night, after midnight, some drizzle breaking out as the winds go back to the ocean component. saturday, for all of your outdoor plans, rain, drizzle, even moderate rain, by afternoon or at night saturday. but sunday should be just fine. >> there goes the outdoor
4:56 pm
plans. >> everybody makes outdoor plans this time of year. >> gardening to be done. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. i'm mike schuh in towson. a window washer dangles about 120 feet above the ground. his injuries and what the fire department had to do. ,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up nexto eyewitness news at 5:00. stuck on the floor. a window wash ner towson. wjz is there. i'm alex demetrick. a controversial protest at a maryland school. and opponents shout back. that story as eyewitness news continues.
4:59 pm
a nursing student murdered. tonight, an arrest in the case, how police say video games led to her death. check in for more on these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts right now. high-rise rescue. a window washer stuck 10 stories up. >> the dangerous rescue caught on tape. tonight, hear from a firefighter who helped save it. >> i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. a tense afternoon. an emergency crew rushed to save a window washer, stuck high above the ground. mike schuh has more on how the difficult operation unfolded. >> rt


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